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Electronic communication networks may be used to store or gain access to information stored in a subscriber's or user's terminal equipment only if subscribers or users are informed by the personal data controller about the purpose of the processing and are given the opportunity to prevent such processing. 

This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and contains text information. Cookies are used for certain functions that improve the website for users. We do not save any personal information via cookies, and information about you as a visitor cannot be tracked by us via cookies. The cookie is a so-called session cookie. It is not stored permanently on your computer, but disappears when you close your browser. 

If you do not accept the use of cookies on the website as described above, you can close the browser with the check box at the top right, or turn off cookies in the browser settings

Third-party cookies

We use third-party cookies to collect statistics in the analysis tool Google Analytics. Third-party cookies are also used for retargeting campaigns. The cookies used are permanent and temporary cookies (session cookies). Permanent cookies are stored on your computer or mobile for a maximum of 6 months.