The site is mainly an advertisement site. The website is thus a forum that allows users to advertise tournaments, training camps, campers and referee ads. fotbolscupen.se has no control over transactions between a tournament advertiser and a team outside the website. Fotbollscuper.se is not responsible for deficiencies due to non-appearing or delayed advertisement responses or for incorrect information in the advertisement text.

Personal data policy

We comply with the Swedish Personal Data Act, which provides individual protection regarding how personal data is stored. According to this law, we must ask you to consent to us processing and storing information about you in our database. As a registered member of fotbollscuper.se, you become a subscriber to our newsletter, you can unsubscribe from this at any time by emailing info@fotbollscuper.se or clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails. By creating an account at fotbolscuper.se, you confirm this consent.

User Generated Content

You warrant that User Generated Information does not contain copyrighted material that you have not obtained permission to use. You warrant that the persons who can be identified in the information you publish (for example in an image or by their name alone) are aware of how the material will be used. This means that they have expressly approved your information to appear in it and that fotbolscupen.se may also use it for marketing purposes. By posting content, for example when placing an advertisement, you give fotbolscuper.se an unrestricted right to freely dispose of it. This means that fotbolscuper.se may, for example, process, format, store or copy content and make it available to the public, regardless of the media channel, and to pass on these rights to potential partners. fotbolscuper.se's rights remain even after an advertisement has been deleted. You hereby waive all claims for compensation from fotbolscuper.se for the use of your content.

Rules for advertising

An ad is out until the cup is finished or unless you yourself choose to remove it earlier. Referee announcements remain until the referee chooses to remove it. No duplicates: It is not allowed to advertise the same tournament or judge more than once at the same time. Delete the old ad first before posting the new one. Offensive and offensive content: Ads that may seem offensive or offensive to groups of people and/or individuals are not approved. Images of offending character not allowed.